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0-psythe is a sound project by doujin games circle Areazero founded in 2017.
Compared to Zero Sounds, where we mostly make arrangements and covers, with 0-psythe we only make originals. 
If you have any requests feel free to contact us.


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@KirbyTales Sorry that I`m so late with the reply. I`ve checked the issue and it`s fixed now.
Somehow Miko wasn`t visible when you`ve looked at the US store.
Thank you for the notice 🙌
Sadly, (except for Japan) the season pass is only available for the Nintendo Switch.

Today, Touhou Sky Arena DLC – Yukari Yakumo was released🎉
With 1 additional stage and 6 new tracks from 0-psythe, C-CLAYS,
In the US, the release for PS4 will be on April 29.


@tsuwumiki The update will be between the releases of Yukari and Yuyuko. So, it could take a while and maybe it won`t solve your problem. Meanwhile I`ll ask different staffs in my team about the problem and try to fix it. Is it okay, if I DM you as soon as I find out?

@tsuwumiki Thank you! I`ve checked the Online Play with the Eng. version. I had no problems connecting and could join a room at the first try. I`m sorry, but if the network NAT type is not the problem, then I can`t tell what`s wrong right now. I was told that the next update could solve it.

@tsuwumiki No problem! Thank you for playing 🙂
I would like to try solving the problem first, where you can`t enter rooms created by your friend. Sorry, for the inconvenience, but might you ask your friend to check his/her NAT type, too? 😅