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0-psythe is a sound project by doujin games circle Areazero founded in 2017.
Compared to Zero Sounds, where we mostly make arrangements and covers, with 0-psythe we only make originals. 
If you have any requests feel free to contact us.


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@KirbyTales @PixelOrbi That`s great! Thank you!
No excuse for the error message, but it was fun reading about it 🙂

@PixelOrbi @KirbyTales Hi, the problem should be fixed by now, sorry for the wait! areazero_games photo

They know how to entertain their guests at the Scarlet Devil Mansion! #Touhou #TouhouSkyArena #NintendoSwitch

Poor Youmu, don’t worry, Yuyuko is joining the battle soon, it’s just their having trouble fighting against one enemy right now. areazero_games photo