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0-psythe is a sound project by doujin games circle Areazero founded in 2017.
Compared to Zero Sounds, where we mostly make arrangements and covers, with 0-psythe we only make originals. 
If you have any requests feel free to contact us.


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@LastDanceHeaven Sorry, it seems like the latest patch wasn`t released yet.
We fixed it and it should be playable soon.
(hopefully tomorrow😓)
I’m really sorry for the troubles. Thank you so much @LastDanceHeaven for your cooperation and contacting me for your friends.

@LastDanceHeaven Hi, thank you for contacting me!
First, I need to confirm some basic stuff with you and your friends before we check out other possibilities.
1. Do they have the latest version/update of Touhou Sky Arena for PS4.
2. Have they end the game and rebooted it once.

@FunkyAl202 Thank you for your support @FunkyAl202!
Nice picture of Yuyuko and Youmu ❤️😊

@KirbyTales Thank you for your patience @KirbyTales!
We`ll make sure this won`t happen again⭐️