• 01. Hakuou -White Blossom-
  • 02. Fuuko -Wind Tiger-
  • 03. Gekka -Moon Flower-
  • 04. Douri -Guiding Sanity-
  • 05. Airen -Compassion-
  • 06. Tenshi -Following a Song-
“That’s why I`m here, to sing of three legends and their childhood dreams, scattered just like falling cherry blossoms.”

Senka no Sakura -white-  is the second album of rock band 0-psythe (zerosize)!
Features intense Japanese style symphonic rock sounds and strong vocals. Telling the story of a time traveling girl.
In six songs the girl sings about three legends from the past and the pain that war has brought them.


Lyrics: Tsukie Minagawa

Composition/Arrangement: UG

Guitar: Shouyu

Vocal: Souwer

Producer: Zukky

Story: Wataru Okawa

Mix: Dani(D-Sound)

Illustration: Karin

Web Design: Chico Sawaragi